10474891_10203278695820710_392576896025957707_n“Ashley is an incredible doula and genuinely beautiful human being.  My birth would not have been the same without her presence.  She was by my side every moment (as requested) and helped me through each contraction by massaging my lower back; exactly the way I wanted her too.  She gently helped me to remember to drink water and even got me to eat a bit of watermelon between contractions to keep my energy up.  There were many moments that I wanted to give up but Ashley was there to remind me, in her positive and radiant way, that I was in fact DOING what I needed to do to get through.  “You’re so strong.  You’re doing it.  You’re going to meet your baby soon,”  she would exclaim in those moments when I didn’t want to push through the pain of natural childbirth.

Because of her dedication and strength I was able to move into a meditative space.  I felt comfortable to be naked and to make any sounds that my body wanted to make.  It didn’t even phase her when I grabbed her shirt and accidentally peed on her foot.  She was my support through it all.  She helped my partner understand what a woman in labor needs and also guided him through the whole 26 hour process.

Even though my midwife was present it was Ashley that delivered my baby!  The baby came so fast once I was ready to push that he literally came flying out!  Ashley was right there to catch him while my partner was supporting me from behind.  She is an amazing doula and I can’t wait until she is a certified midwife.  I want her to attend all of my births in  the future.

Thank you Ashley Shea.  My life is transformed because of the beautiful, natural home birth experience we shared.  ” ~ Rosalie Hamilton, Santa Cruz

unnamed-7“Giving birth to your first child can be a scary thing however prepared one may be. I want to thank you for being such a blessing in my life an for aiding in making the environment for my little one peaceful and inviting. You made my special day of giving birth a beautiful experience. Your presence lifted the energy beyond what the hospital could have provided–your massage and kind encouragement while I was having the most painful contractions helped me more than I can begin to explain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Jasmine McCartin, Salinas

 “As a single mother pregnant with my first child, I asked Ashley to be my doula not knowing what to expect or even knowing exactly what a doula could do for me. What I got out of working with Ashley is more than I could have ever asked for. Not only is she wonderfully knowledgable in the process of creating life, but her kindness and warmth made it easy to welcome a stranger into what was (for me) a very personal time in my life. She aided me throughout pregnancy not only externally, but was an open ear to talk to as well. And now I have the most wonderful birth story to share no doubt thanks to her care and expertise during the labor process. I felt fully supported and comfortable the entire time. Apart from being overly joyed with her services, Ashley’s passion for birth and empowering women is stunning. Her light shines bright for what she does and in return gives the people she’s working with the courage to shine just as bright.”- Marjorie L., Santa Cruz

“Ashley is the complete package as a doula! Not only is she a doula, but she is also an experienced massage therapist and yoga instructor! All of these skills provide tremendous support to a pregnant body. Ashley  is also very knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and can suggest healthy solutions for various pregnancy issues (such as what dietary changes or healthy supplements will help you if you suffer from morning sickness or insomnia, for example).Her home visits before and after the pregnancy were extremely supportive. She is a good listener and will not pressure you to make any decisions. She is well informed and will explain in detail what your options may be in various situations. She is the best advocate for your needs. She has a lot of tools in her toolbox and will not hesitate to share these resources with you. For example, she let me borrow books from her library, brought over a yoga ball when I didn’t yet have one, and gave me names of natural products I could buy to help me sleep better.  After my daughter was born, Ashley gave me the most wonderful foot massage and showed me how to bathe my newborn. She also had outstanding breastfeeding tips. Ashley’s communication skills are outstanding. I cannot count how many times I texted her panicked about something while pregnant. She responded quickly to all of my texts and emails. She calmed me down and supported each and every decision I made, but made sure I was informed of the options.My husband felt very comfortable with Ashleys demeanor and gentle personality. He trusted her and was relieved that we had found someone who could answer any of our questions and help us in a comfortable way.I would not hesitate to recommend Ashley as a doula to anyone. I would use her support services again in a heartbeat! ” ~Rina, Morgan Hill

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