Doulas provide informational, emotional & physical support prenatally and during your birth.


My doula package includes:

  • Complimentary interview to discuss your expectations, goals & wishes
  • 4-6 prenatal appts to inform,inspire, listen, build trust and a plan for your birth. I provide twice the amount of prenatal visits as the standard doula package because birth coaching is a part of preparing for your birth. These visits are 1-1.5 hours long and include time for coaching and physical practices, I follow up with you after each visit with a recap of the realizations you came to through coaching, the goals you clarified and the prescribed “homework” that you came up with to realize your goals. Birth coaching is different than therapy and different than traditional doula prenatal appointments because it is a partnership where my goal is empowerment and there is a balance between just giving you information and allowing the time and space for you to create the answers and listen to your own inner wisdom. 
  • A prenatal massage with Carrie Koester at Thrive Natural Medicine
  • 5 Prenatal and/or Mama & Baby yoga classes with Hannah Muse at the Pacific Cultural Center
  • a past your due datevisit, should you go overdue, to provide an acupressure foot massage, guided visualization/meditation and check-in
  • Continuous labor and birth support, including 2 hours immediate postpartum care
  • A library of books & DVDs and a TENS unit for labor available 
  • A postpartum visit within the first 4 days to celebrate your new baby, provide breastfeeding support and make sure you are supported at home.
  • A craniosacral/chiropractic assessment and adjustment of both mama and baby within 72 hours of birth (housecall)
  • A closure visit by the end of the “fourth trimester” to process your birth and ensure you are all thriving.

Custom Packages available that include services from members of the Organic Birth collective and include chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, ayurvedia, postpartum doula, birth & maternity photography, belly henna, placenta encapsulation & more


For a free consultation, e-mail me at, or use the contact form.


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