My path towards birth work has always been clear, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter in 2013 that I began taking the steps to become a midwife and started attending births as a doula. Prior to becoming a mother I worked as a massage therapist and yoga teacher locally in Santa Cruz, and before that I lived in Portland and Boulder, soaking up all the information I could in the field of holistic health, attending trainings and gaining certifications in many modalities of the healing arts.

The birth of my daughter was not an easy one, but it taught me valuable lessons that I am able to apply in my work attending women in birth. I have experience working with women birthing at home and at the hospital, and have supported high-risk pregnancies, VBACs and cesarean birth. As a student midwife at the Midwives College of Utah I am honored to be continually on the path of being a student and am so grateful for every lesson each mother and birth experience teaches me.

I have lived in Santa Cruz for over 5 years, and am married to my husband who has served as a high school teacher here for over 13 years. We adore our 2 year old daughter Leela who is our greatest teacher, and are grateful to raise her here amongst the redwoods and the pacific ocean. I enjoy taking yoga classes, walking west cliff, hiking the land of the medicine buddha, cooking ayurvedic food and listening to Beats Antique/world music, bellydance, hula hooping and playing at the park with my daughter.


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